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Valuable Site of the Month (Dec '20) - Try Simple CSS Frameworks

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It is no secret that I am a fan of Vue and Vuetify / Quasar. While the styling libraries get stuff done real quick, I often do demo projects or throw-away sites that do not need the heavy hitters. While the project development may be quick and all they enjoy is a couple of hours of show-time, I cannot quite afford to show an app without some basic styling.

Here are a couple of my favourite CSS libraries to the rescue -

I prefer a “class-less” approach to styling in quick projects -

  1. All I need is HTML and the styling is done
  2. I get a head start and can sprinkle styling as I go deeper in the project

While there are quite a few skeleton.css inspired libraries, there are a few challenges that come with them -

  1. A few elements that I deem as “basic needs” may be missing
  2. Grids and the power of grids may vary greatly since most of these libraries are super light weight
  3. Ability to extend the styling may vary

In situations like these, and when I have to quickly decide a package to move forward, I turn to this website -


This is a rather useful tool in your arsenal -

  • get a bird’s eye view of how the CSS styles look
  • get an overview of supported functions
  • compare different css frameworks quickly

While rendering in a few libraries are wierd on the site, it no doubt provides a really good starting point if you are looking to explore and quickly try out “simple” and light-weight CSS libraries.

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