Manage SVG Icons in Nuxt
· ☕ 4 min read
Gone are the old days when we were depending on the styling library to provide us quick icons. With the advent of SVG, we can now use icons from a variety of sources. We will see how to do that in this post. SVG images have the advantage of -

Use Dynamic Images in Nuxt
· ☕ 3 min read
First, let me clarify what I mean by “dynamic image”. Imagine the below situations - You are rendering a list of products and their images. The image may be stored in local folder or coming in from S3/comparable infrastructure You want to change image / make image interactive. For e.

Create a Blog with Astro
· ☕ 5 min read
With Astro 4 released recently, I wanted to check out what is going on in that part of the world. What better way to do that than to create a blog using Astro.. or so I thought. I had not been quite sold on Astro for the stuff that I typically do.

Nuxt/Vue and Next/React - A Predicament
· ☕ 9 min read
I have a full-time job that does not involve active web development. I am, however, on the constant look-out for the next big thing that will solve all my life’s problems.., by quickly creating apps that is. Vue has always been a tool that I depend on. Vue is quite easy to understand, use and build apps with.

Building a Todo App using Nuxt, PrimeVue and SQLite
· ☕ 12 min read
Let us create a simple Todo app using Nuxt - PrimeVue for styling Store todos in a database Setup Ensure NodeJS is installed. Download and follow instructions here if you don’t have Node installed on your computer. I use pnpm as my package manager. You can use npm or yarn if you prefer.

Go Webview Experiments and a Simple Todo Demo App
· ☕ 11 min read
Applications in Electron are great, but they are also heavy and slow. I have been looking for a way to build an app that can be - universal (kinda - I will start with desktop experience for the masses but will eventually gravitate towards everything, everywhere, all at once) light weight - space and memory fast Just to set the frame of reference - what I want from UI development is ease of development - html, css, and js and other such delightful technologies make things easy, GTK / Xamarin / Qt / WinForms / WPF / etc.

Learn Go and HTMX with a Simple Book Tracker
· ☕ 9 min read
I have not been a fan of server-driven frontend experiences, but HTMX renaissance has piqued my interest. And yes, that only gets amplified with BunJS claims of astronomical speed for server and what it means for my choice of technologies moving forward. That is for a future post, but here we explore how Golang and HTMX can work together to create a “SPA-like” experience.

Zoomit - Light-weight presentation and draw tool for Windows
· ☕ 2 min read
I continue to be amazed by the depth of tools created by Sysinternals even after all the tools I have used over years. Zoomit is certainly one of them. Now, how many times have you wondered about making things a weebit exciting by drawing something on the screen while you are presenting stuff.

Create a simple contact database with Express & Xata
· ☕ 11 min read
I am quite excited with all the developments in the database world. While hosted database is not a new concept, we now have services that are - far more focused on usability - support intuitive data types, have spreadsheet-like experience have schema editors :) support simple migrations support more advanced functions like caching without need for black magic .

Create a blog on Sveltekit
· ☕ 10 min read
In this post let us create a simple blog using Sveltekit. Why Sveltekit if you ask - Because it’s cool Make your pages interactive without a big JS payload for the client Fast Get started with the following command in your favorite terminal - 1 pnpm create svelte@latest avix-blog-sveltekit This should initiate the folder with basic sveltekit structure and initiate a few files.

NextJS 13 is a good step forward
· ☕ 8 min read
I am quite excited about the possibilities offered by NextJS 13. Announced in Oct ‘22, the most popular JavaScript framework has set fantastic standards for rest of the world. I particularly liked the below features - React Server Components that makes life simpler, but the coding process is much more efficient The new directory structure that simplifies routes.

Reactivity for Arrays & Objects in Vue vs. Svelte
· ☕ 3 min read
Coming from the Vue world, Reactivity in Svelte for anything more than simple strings feels.. a bit different. Vue has made me lazy when handling reactive arrays or objects. All I have to do with the older Object API is - 1 2 3 4 // nums: [1, 2] addToNum() { this.

Dotnet 6 is Refreshingly Simple
· ☕ 3 min read
There are numerous things to love about the new .NET 6, but for me one key thing stands out - .NET now seems more approachable than ever! Take a straight-forward example. A new .NET Web API project would look like this - A startup.cs file with generated code A Program.