Sample Apps
Get Started on NextJS
· ☕ 12 min read
Welcome to 2021. For me this will be an exciting year when I embrace ReactJS and Svelte as friends. And, what better way to start with React than NextJS..? In this post, we will see why and how we can get started on NextJS, and a few good learning resources.

Create Reddit Reader Using Vue 3 & Vite
· ☕ 7 min read
Hello everyone! Hope you are all set for the new year. While you are waiting for the Y2020 to end with bated breath, here’s a post to kick start your Vue 3 journey. We will create a Reddit reader using Vue3 and Vite! This post is more useful for someone with basic knowledge of Vue and Vue 2.

Build a Simple News App using Adonis v5
· ☕ 23 min read
AdonisJS has been my framework of choice to get stuff done quickly. The framework has taken a turn for the good with more frequent updates to its latest version - v5, which features Typescript, the same trusted MVC framework, and “everything & kitchen sink” approach that is quite effective to easily build apps.

Create a Blog With Express, Markdown and Postgres
· ☕ 22 min read
Express is like a dear friend who does not leave your side during happy or sad times in your life. She may not help you reach enlightenment, but she’s there and she’s super supportive. And, that’s all you need many a time. In this post we create a blog with ExpressJS and friends - oh how exciting.

Build a Simple Timesheet App using Vue & Vuetify
· ☕ 21 min read
In this post we will see how to create a simple timesheet app using Vue and Vuetify. This is not quite a comprehensive tutorial on Vue or Vuetify, rather a demo of front-end features, see how easy it is to build an usable app, and in general, how modern app development makes the whole process enjoyable.