Simplest Svelte App with API
· ☕ 1 min read
Svelte makes working with apps really simple. It brings the clarity of Vue but adds even more simplicity in the way components are created and used. For one of the demos I just wanted to showcase what the simplicity translates into for a simple website that shows “quote of the day” but also needs to provide a “SPA experience” - completely off the script.

Uploading Files in Vue Firestore App
· ☕ 4 min read
Firestore is a super easy way to configure your backend. Firestore provides a range of services anywhere from a database, user authentication, to using machine learning for many use-cases. One of the many things you do in a typical app is to enable users to store files. While some find it easier to store files in database (huh?

Hide Element from Print in HTML
· ☕ 2 min read
You have coded a beautiful page that has a few buttons, some text, a toolbar, a footer with the mandatory copyright statements, and so on. And now your users want to take the print out of the web page and ask you to include that feature. The first thing that comes to your mind is to just use the browser feature to print any web page (or to save as PDF).

Save div as Image in Vue
· ☕ 3 min read
We have previously seen how a div element can be saved to a file. In this post we will see how we can save div tag contents as an image in Vue. How do we print the div? Here are the steps at a high level - Draw contents of div to canvas.

Build a Simple Timesheet App using Vue & Vuetify
· ☕ 21 min read
In this post we will see how to create a simple timesheet app using Vue and Vuetify. This is not quite a comprehensive tutorial on Vue or Vuetify, rather a demo of front-end features, see how easy it is to build an usable app, and in general, how modern app development makes the whole process enjoyable.

Create Simple Tooltips in Vue
· ☕ 3 min read
Tooltips are omnipresent, or rather have to be. While there have been excellent standardisation of user experience since we saw what Bootstrap was capable of, there are days and applications that can throw off users with strange icons, buttons and navigation. Ergo, tooltips. The humble tooltip can provide helpful hints, short messages and guide user on what a particular button, text box or any other element will do before clicking the thingy and causing destruction of a planet.

Learning Golang with Fiber
· ☕ 10 min read
I started with Golang not too long ago, and I loved the fact that I can create a web application with a couple of lines of code. But, as always frameworks help to take that web application to places. Being a practical person who develops apps for side projects and for a living, I cannot simply overstate this fact.

Golang vs. NodeJS for Web Apps - A Small-scale Developer View
· ☕ 7 min read
If you had enough of single threaded behaviour of Node and are ready for the next level (/s) - I strongly recommend you evaluate Go for your next project. Javascript is the most used language in the world and that status will not change in a hurry - thanks to its frontend nature.

Reusable Confirmation Dialog in Vuetify
· ☕ 3 min read
Dialogs are those thingies that popup on your UI and are handy to allow users to perform actions without navigating away from the screen. For example, here’s one that enables users to create new request.. .. and here’s an example from Vuetify site that shows a short message. The v-dialog component is the recommended way to show confirmation dialogs too.

Find user's country without Geolocation and IP Lookup
· ☕ 2 min read
I have this nagging problem of determining an end user’s country/region in my web apps. The reasons for doing that are many - Automatic conversion of an event date/time Display regional news Show prices in user’s currency .. and so on We could do two things to determine a user’s region -

Multiple Ways to Define Functions in Javascript
· ☕ 3 min read
We have looked at functions quite a bit on this blog over the last two years. We have seen many avatars of a function including a function object, a function’s method, function of functions, and so on. But, what we have not done is to document all the ways in which we can define functions.

Request Redirect for Nginx in SPAs
· ☕ 4 min read
Redirection can be easy enough on Nginx. Let’s see how we can utilise that for our single page applications coded in Vue, React, etc. Nginx and Redirection Nginx configuration is simple but powerful. All we need is a couple of lines to setup our server. Add the below lines to the Nginx configuration files (e.

Social Share Buttons in Vuetify
· ☕ 2 min read
Enabling social share buttons in Vuetify is quite easy. All you have to do is stitch together three components provided out of the box - Speed dial Buttons Icons We will create a quick demo on Codepen. Create a new Codepen, click on Settings, navigate to JS and add the below libraries -