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Starter Template for AdonisJS

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I have used AdonisJS in and out of projects in the last year. Despite it’s smaller community and not-so-regular enhancements, it remains one of my favourite NodeJS frameworks. I recommend AdonisJS for hobby and production projects in full confidence :)

I typically use AdonisJS for back-end, which has me start with -

adonis new awesomeness --api

AdonisJS comes with a neat set of powerful features -

  1. An ORM that works quite well
  2. Authentication and security already setup
  3. Basic features to serve API without pulling a thousand wires just to get started

The Case for a New Boilerplate

Even with all the features baked in the default boilerplate, I tend to just copy older projects -

  1. AdonisJS has not changed much over the last year
  2. The additional features that I added over time are invaluable in saving time at the very beginning
  3. It takes away the boring tasks of “setting up stuff”

Unfortunately, the simple copy/paste model (even when using older Git commits) were not clean and not friendly to other developers.

So then.. I started using a simple starter template (or a booster template) to start all my AdonisJS projects.

Here’s presenting adonis-api-boost.

What does the starter template contain?

The standard set of components of the starter project/ boilerplate provide a more consistent and standard experience while starting new projects.

The template is just a boilerplate on top of the AdonisJS provided boilerplate. It consists of additional packages for real-world apps (in my opinion), configured functionality and examples.


The major additional packages are -

  • @adonisjs/mail: Mail people using SMTP or third party mail providers
  • @adonisjs/persona: User registration, password change, & related paraphernalia
  • @adonisjs/validator: Validate data in routes, sanitize data (also, required by persona)
  • adonis-scheduler: Schedule jobs
  • pg: Connect to PostGRE database. Remove this if you are using other DBs

We also register these packages and have examples of how they work (for e.g. a daily scheduled job that does nothing).

Key Features

  • Complete user registration, change password flow with email - thanks to Persona and Mail
  • Use mail templates and do mail-merge (replace placeholders in template with data) using AdonisJS views
  • Add ‘sensible’ user attributes like status, start date, etc. See the user migration file for user
  • Simple authorisation flow using user role. See app/services/AuthorisationService.js to know more
  • A sample Service Request entity that demonstrates authenticated routes
  • Sample batch job that runs daily

Using the boilerplate

Clone this repository to start..

git clone

Install packages -

cd adonis41-api-boost
npm i

Now you continue your work as in any other AdonisJS project.

  • Run the following command to run startup migrations.
    adonis migration:run

  • Run the project in dev mode
    adonis serve --dev

See API usage examples on the repo’s README.


None of the additional packages or features in the starter template add anything significantly new, but required at least half a day to set everything up.

And.. we had consistency issues with the fields used in the standard entities / controller logic. Hopefully we add more useful stuff as we use AdonisJS more and when the next major release happens.

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