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Fastode Server Framework

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Fastode is an experimental boilerplate / framework based on Fastify.

Why another boilerplate?

Well, I just wanted to experiment with technologies to create MVP products.

Although I have used NestJS, AdonisJS and friends before, those frameworks, while being great, bring their structure and overhead to any project.

I wanted to check how difficult or easy it is to just start with a bunch of basic features and leave everything else to the project.

The objectives for Fastode are -

  1. Enable a quick way to get REST APIs up and running
  2. Keep things simple and basic
  3. Keep things fast

Get started

Getting started on Fastode is simple enough.

Clone the API sample repository that uses Fastode.

git clone
cd fastode-api-app
npm install

Start server with ..

npm run dev

That’s it - you are off to creating magic.

Check out -

What lies underneath?

I should call Fastode just a boilerplate. Other than the structure and easy/quick start, it adds no value what Fastify and its plugins offer (as of today atleast).

Fastode installs Fastify along with select plugins to -

  1. Provide security for requests/response
  2. CORS

Both the core Fastode package and your custom app can use Fastify plugins. The API sample app registers both plugin folders. Everything is stitched together in a basic (probably naive) way.

There is no fancy DI, no custom ORM and anything else. In other words - it is quite useless as a framework today :)

Cool, shall I start using it?

  1. Don’t. Not right now
  2. Read the previous sentence once more

I will include JWT auth and ObjectionJS at some point in the future to make the package more useful. So check back and comment if you love to live on the edge with experimental NodeJS-based servers.

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