Hello, there!

First off, let me congratulate you for losing your way to the ‘about’ page. Not sure why you would browse further and have a look at the below paragraphs, but I leave it to your good judgment.

I am Prashanth Krishnamurthy, and I code a bit. This blog carries a few learnings, more than enough failures, and other stuff that I wished I knew earlier.

Along with web development using Javascript I dabble in Laravel, .NET, mobile apps, and static sites. I have a
YouTube channel on web development that has a tendency to go into hibernation.

I run a small company called Pragital and am based out of Bangalore, India. I have worked for Fortune 100 companies in enterprisey stuff in the past. I lead a second life building out things on platforms like salesforce.com, Zoho and more.


techformist is built on Hugo using zzo theme.

Before you ask (would you have?), I did not use everyone’s favorite language of the day - Javascript.

  1. Keep everything simple with low build times. I stand by this although I am not sure how this will matter for day-to-day usage and <10k posts
  2. Persistently use at least one thing that is non-JS
  3. SPA-like behaviour is not a requirement for this blog at this time

More over with ~400 pages to generate, my site generation has to be fast and light-weight. Ergo, Hugo.

Recent Projects [= more info that none asked for]

I have been associated with cool projects, a few of which are featured below.

  • Auto Claim Management for Agents
    SaaS application that helps agents designated by insurance companies to manage their work. Includes a web and mobile app to track claim requests, conduct surveys, and export reports.
  • Farm Subscription & Booking Management
    Farm subscription management for a start-up.
  • Metering Platform
    Manage smart meters used by industries and households.
  • Client Management for Electronic Manufacturers
    A mini CRM and ERP combined for small scale manufacturers in the electronic industry.



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