Easier Date Picker in Vuetify

Date pickers are straight forward, but can become laborious in Vuetify components.

Look at how date pickers are implemented in Vuetify - they can cause minor trauma for a beginner.

The efficient solution is to implement a custom component. Wrap menu + input box in that generic component, and use it everywhere.

Or, just use v-datetime-picker.

Get started

Install v-datetime-picker in your Vue project.

npm install --save vuetify-datetime-picker

Add following in your main.js.

import DatetimePicker from "vuetify-datetime-picker";
import "vuetify-datetime-picker/src/stylus/main.styl";


Use the new date picker in your components

Introduce this statement wherever you need a date picker.

  <v-layout row wrap>
      label="From Date"

image: GitHub

Enjoy life, nature, and code on.

Do note though -

  • v-datetime-picker uses a separate style file that can get messed up at times (in some form factors)
  • The date and time pick UI are not to everyone’s taste
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