VS Code Shortcuts that Level Up Developer Productivity

VS Code is the most useful thing discovered after sliced bread. The extension ecosystem kicks up the productivity in VS Code many notches higher. Here are a few shortcuts that you must include in your toolset to get into God-mode.

1. Prettier on Save: Quicker format

Install prettier. Enable ‘Format on Save’ in Settings’. Rock and roll.

I have never seen any tool save so much of my time.

2. Ctrl + D: Select Word, repeat selection and edit in one go

Ctrl + D (repeat to select multiple instances). Multiple edits in one-go if you have selected multiple instances.

You could also do a Ctrl + F2 to select all instances of any word (not case sensitive).

3. Alt + Shift + Click + Drag: Select column of content rather than whole lines.

Hold Alt + Shift and drag to select a column of content. Multiple edits possible.

Select a portion of your screen to select a column of content without selecting whole lines.

4. Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Direction arrows: Multi-select

Select multiple lines of text that can be edited in one go.

You can also press and hold Alt and click away to achieve the same effect (+ click anywhere to multi-select adhoc words without using direction keys)

5. Ctrl + E: Quickly open files in same project

Projects have confusing structure. Just open the project folder in VSCode, and hit Ctrl + E or Ctrl + P to quickly open files. For best results, start typing in the file name in the quick open menu.

6. Emmet + Balance Outward: Select entire code block

One of the powerful features of Vim is to select blocks of code with a single shortcut key. You can emulate the same within VSCode using Emmet - Balance Outward.

Map this function to a shortcut key if you use this sort of thing often. Btw, I am using Ctrl + Shift + P to open the command menu prompt.

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