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The Rapid Vue Learning Plan

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The advise that has been belted out fairly often for budding front-end developers -

  • Learn HTML
  • Learn the fundamentals of Javascript
  • Push yourself through styling
  • Know how to create APIs - REST, GraphQL
  • Go deep with design patterns, test automation, build tools, and so on

I beg to differ.

I knew “some” knowledge of HTML and had played around with basic Javascript, and jQuery - but did not find super important to start at the very beginning and work all the way up. So, provided below is what I think can put one on a faster path to developing web applications. I am focusing on Vue as the goal since I am of the firm opinion that Vue needs to be learnt by all JS developers.

A word of caution: I am far from being a proficient developer, leave alone invading the crème de la crème of JS developers. So, take this post with a pinch (or an ocean full) of salt.

Basics of Javascript

  1. Learn HTML [web page]. If you don’t know HTML but reading this Blog, I want to be your friend yesterday.

  2. Eloquent Javascript [book]

  3. Learn Javascript at FreeCodeCamp [web series - do & learn]

If you are an exploring type, I would just skip the books and go directly to (3). Learning while doing is fun and you can always refer to specifics and theory while completing the many courses on the site.

Vue all the way

  1. Vue guide [docs]

  2. Learn Vuetify

  3. Start creating simple projects - To Do, simple CRM, and what not

Explore More

That’s about that!

I am a strong believer of working on projects and exploring the universe and beyond as we encounter issues. That way I am focused on a problem, actively working towards solving world hunger, and having fun at the same time.

PS: Now that I come to the end of the post, the above plan does not anywhere near ‘rapid’. I did fool myself and all of you for a while minute through the click-bait title.

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