Learn FeathersJS by Building a Simple CRM - Client App
· ☕ 15 min read
Here we see how to build a real-world client application for your FeathersJS backend. We will use Vue + Feathers-Vuex and quickly create the frontend app. Building the Client Application Previously you saw how we could use Feathers to quickly build a backend application. The beauty of feathers is not only that it is quick to build, but it is also universal.

Learn FeathersJS by Building a Simple CRM App
· ☕ 17 min read
We have previously seen a simple todo app using FeathersJS(and NeDB). Feathers makes it really easy to develop an API or a real-time app by providing a super-powered baseline that can be extended quickly to create a useful app. However, the example provided earlier does not provide a set of features anywhere near the real-world experience.

Unlock FeathersJS power with a todo client
· ☕ 4 min read
Create a simple to-do client using FeathersJS. We saw a quick tutorial on creating simple FeathersJS API yesterday. Let’s unlock the full power of Feathers by using its client library and consume the API created in the earlier post! Install and initialize project We will use plain Javascript and HTML with Feathers client-side library for the purpose of this demonstration.

Create a simple to-do API with FeathersJS
· ☕ 4 min read
Create a simple to-do API using FeathersJS v4. FeathersJS v4 launched yesterday, and I wanted to see what changed. Of course, I wasn’t going to write a post just about v4 - I have not kept up with the Feathers ecosystem. So, let’s refresh our mind and soul by building a quick API and see how the story develops.