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New theme for - Beautiful Saber

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I played around with a bit in the past week and it’s been amazing to work with.

  • Mix Vue with static content in .md files
  • Templates that I understand and love
  • Use .md or .html files for content
  • Easily bring some “dynamism” to the static pages - conditional rendering, use variables and so forth

I mashed together a few design elements and created a new theme called “Beautiful Saber”. The layout and design is inspired by “Beautiful Jekyll”, which has since been ported to Jekyll, Hugo and probably other static generators. It features -

  • Clean and simple design
  • Focus on content and typography
  • Disqus for comments
  • Site map and other basic blog elements using Saber plugins

See the demo at

The code is licensed under MIT -

Get started with your own site

Static site generators enable you to create sites quickly and host it for free (or for cheap). Saber is no exception.

Get started using an example site -

git clone
cd beautiful-saber-example-site
yarn install
yarn dev

You should now have a functioning static site that is locally hosted. Make changes to content, add posts or change the design.

Once ready, you can do a simple -

yarn build

.. to create a public folder with your entire site within.

You can copy over the contents of public to any webserver or to GitHub, Netlify etc. to host your site on the Internet. Of course, you can setup the deployment flow on Netlify/Gitlab etc. to completely automate this and update your site as and when you publish something to your site code on GitHub, Gitlab etc. See the deployment section of Saber documentation for instructions.

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