Print a page section on button-click in Vue

Use a button on a Vue component to start a print dialog and print a specific section.


We will use a small library called ‘html2paper’.

First install the said library in your Vue project -

npm install vue-html-to-paper

Add library to your code in main.js -

// main.js

import Vue from "vue";
// ...
import VueHtmlToPaper from "vue-html-to-paper";

// ...
const options = {
  name: "_blank",
  specs: ["fullscreen=yes", "titlebar=yes", "scrollbars=yes"],
  styles: [

Vue.use(VueHtmlToPaper, options);
// ...

We will use a Vuetify example to demonstrate how this is used in Vue code, because - why not?

Create UI elements

Create a new component or modify the existing component that will house the content to be printed. Create a button and identify the section that needs printing.

You can have the section hard-coded or fetch the content from elsewhere. We have used v-html below to render the content fetched from an external system.

<!-- PrintStuff.vue -->
  <v-card flat height="100%">
    <v-toolbar dense
      ><div class="body-2">Print Stuff</div>
      <v-btn small color="primary" @click="printSection">
        <v-icon small class="mr-1">print</v-icon>Print
    <v-flex xs12>
      <div id="printSection">
        <span v-html="printStuff"></span>

  export default {
    methods: {
      ...mapActions("myModule", ["fetchPrintStuff"]),

      printSection() {

    mounted() {

      // a Vuex action to get stuff to print from server

Now, click the button to open a beautiful print dialog with only the relevant content.

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