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Host your own site - 2020 edition

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Medium,, Hashnode, Wordpress? Or, why should you invest in yourself rather than in platforms?

The Problem

Developers should write and write often. It may be anything - code snippets, ideas, thoughts, design principles, standards and what not. I have found that writing down things often forces me to solidify abstractions and get more clarity.

But, where to write?

The Options

Wordpress is the past. Though I continue to host a few of my blogs - it is just laziness preventing me from migrating over to better things. Wordpress is often slow, theme design is frustrating (if you are not in WP/PHP world that is), and in general does not carry itself quite well nowadays.

Medium is pay-walled in a annoying way, and annoys you more with popups and what not. And, it is not a pleasant thing to port stuff. / Hash.node are better. You can write stuff and copy over/export markdown. You should be easily able to port it elsewhere if it comes to it.

So, what should you choose?

The Answer


This is 2020, and you should not be debating on which platform to write on.

  • Just choose a static site generator - Hugo, Jekyll, or 11ty.
  • Host your content on Github, Netlify, Gitlab, or Amazon S3
  • Publish same content/summary on or other platforms if you are looking forward to involve that community in your discussions

Want more? See -

Why do this?

Well.. you own your content and your destiny. It is much,much easier to control all parts of your story and depend on third parties for a larger exposure - only when required.

Platforms can be transient. Your stories should not be. There should be one place to record your thoughts through years, and what better way than putting all your content in one place. It is really easy to play around with all that data 5-6 years down the line rather than extracting data from a third-party site in some obscure format.

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Prashanth Krishnamurthy
Prashanth Krishnamurthy
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