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Great Resources to Learn Javascript

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I have been on and off Javascript for a long time. It took me till 2018 to get back on track.

I am not quite a beginner and no where near an expert, and can write BS till eternity. That makes me the best qualified person to enlighten you about how to ideally learn Javascript.

I divide this into three categories of learning. My order of preference -

  1. Do stuff while you read, watch or listen: learn, break, repeat cycle. You have to get to this to maximise learning.

  2. eBook: reading is better

  3. Video: watch as other experts do stuff, and try to teach :)

I find the following free resources of exceptional value.


  1. FreeCodeCamp


  1. Eloquent Javascript

  2. Javascript handbook and learning path outlined by Flavio Copes if you need a quick refresher

  3. You don’t know JS. Yes, he’s referring to you - not me.

  4. SpeakingJS


See below.

Stay Updated

Learning is not a one-time phenomenon. Continue on the path through the following means -

  1. FreeCodeCamp

  2. Code Wars

  3. Egghead: releases tutorials for free for a limited time

  4. Follow these YouTube channels.

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