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Get to Know Vue

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Ok, I admit.

Amongst the tens of frameworks that I have used and hundreds that I said ‘hello’ in, I have come to love Vue more than I would like to admit.

Vue has made my life easier. IMO a beginner to Javascript (but who is experienced with programming) should pick up Vue over anything else that exists today.

Why pick up Vue?

Three tenets from my view of Vue -

  1. Simplicity: Easy to understand, learn and implement
  2. Performant: Small footprint; fast; can scale!
  3. Earned a place in the hearts of zillion developers: Easy to get your questions answered and learn from others

You can get to building applications by just including Vue from CDN, or automatically setting up the environment through the award-winning CLI (it certainly has my award :)).

Before your peers had an opportunity to write an ‘observable’ ‘properly’ in Angular, you may well be rolling out your first application.

And, there is more to that than meets the casual eye.

  • Vue has built-in router, client-side store that is super easy and super efficient
  • Single file components can be picked up quickly. You can learn its full power while developing real-world applications
  • You can do popular antics of the day incl. ‘server sider rendering’ (SSR) through Vue Server Renderer / Nuxt, generate static sites through Vuepress, or create PWAs
  • Vue evolves constantly and assimilates best practices from other frameworks
  • Have an older application? You can adopt Vue incrementally while retaining other parts of the application as they were in the last decade
  • Has excellent third party libraries that can help you with anything from creating material UI, complex charts and graphs, produce reports and so on

What Vue is not?

Vue does not have a major role on the server. Vue by itself, or through add-ons like Nuxt do not take away the fact that you need a server infrastructure.

Don’t like servers of your own? No problem - you can setup ‘serverless’ (a.k.a use someone else’s server).

Vue creates its magic on the client-side of things. It interacts with browser DOM and makes it efficient to dynamically present information to your user.

Who uses Vue?

All smart Javascript developers use Vue.

  • Vue has grown to a good 140K stars on Github in 2019 as compared to <50K stars in 2017. Vue has ~980K downloads per week
  • Is quite popular amongst hobbyists and professional developers
  • Is maintained by a wonderful team that is in-turn sponsored by individuals and corporations
  • Vue is chosen as a front-end framework for applications like Laravel

Great, where should I from here.

  • Get started on Vue
  • Appreciate if you will keep in touch with this blog that will continue to have plenty of Vue

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