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Fake GraphQL APIs for Testing

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Speed up your GraphQL learning with fake GraphQL APIs!

I love JSON Placeholder, but it serves only REST requests. I had been looking for something similar in GraphQL. Without longer-term, reliable options, I had reverted to creating my own fake GraphQL server.

While having my own server is certainly useful, it can become a pain to demonstrate or outline a feature to all - either through a video, blog post, or in public forums.

Enter GraphQLZero.

GraphQLZero provides an API playground that you can use to quickly test your GraphQL clients, or put forward a point while demonstrating the client-side code.

The app features GraphiQL interface that outlines the API documents, taking full advantage of self-documenting abilities of GraphQL.

I understand this is too early to get excited since there have been comparable services in the past. The challenge for the authors/maintainers will be to manage traffic and find ways to sustainably manage the application over a long term.

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Prashanth Krishnamurthy
Prashanth Krishnamurthy
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