Evaluate and test Vue scripts using single HTML file

How do you test your Vue code blocks and theories?

Of course, you can simply have a test Vue project and throw in a single file component each time. Or, you could follow a simple structure to create a HTML/JS files.

Or, you could just create everything in a single HTML page and clone it for quick tests. Not a new concept by any means - but I still wonder why I stick to SFCs each and every time.

Code below -

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Test. Test. Test</title>
    <script src="https://unpkg.com/vue"></script>
    <div id="app" class="panel">
      <p class="panel-heading has-text-centered is-top-8">
        Test String Manipulations
      <div class="panel-block columns has-text-centered">
        <div class="column">
            placeholder="Enter some text.."
            class="is-primary is-size-4"
      <div class="panel-block has-text-centered">
        <p class="column">Length: {{ testStr.length }}</p>
      <div class="panel-block has-text-centered">
        <p class="column">Reverse: {{ reverseTest }}</p>

    <script type="text/javascript">
      var app = new Vue({
        el: "#app",
        data: {
          testStr: ""
        computed: {
          reverseTest() {
            return this.testStr
              ? this.testStr
              : "...";

See the above code in action - vue-test-single-html-file

So, if we can do all this within a single HTML file - why use SFCs for testing at all?

Well, SFCs are particularly useful when you are testing a whole bunch of stuff - e.g. Vuetify + that new sweet alert, test how the newest charting library looks like in Quasar, using abstraction when dealing with GraphQL, or just test Vuex modules across SFCs!

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