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Create your Own Javascript Playground

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I write quite a bit of Javascript on a day to day basis. But, I have a poor memory and keep forgetting things.

Things like how I should be using a certain function the right way.

This is where web applications like help. But it is not a pleasant experience to have blocks of incomplete code lying around in jscomplete, and keep executing few other parts of the program.

I use the following tools to quickly know how to write a piece of functionality, or quickly test parts of code/components.

Use Nodemon

Nodemon automatically restarts node server and enable us to test code changes without the need to restart node manually. I use nodemon to test individual javascript files as well.

Install nodemon globally - npm i -g nodemon.

Start testing:

  1. Create hello.js
  2. Open terminal within VS Code. Type nodemon hello.js
  3. nodemon will start printing any output statements. Do changes, save and boom - you have the output

The only inconvenience is the need for console statements - but I have actually gone console blind.


Quokka JS evaluates your Javascript in real-time and shows the results. Quokka has a VSCode plugin and can play well with Typescript or Javascript files.

Install Quokka plugin and start typing away for real-time evaluation.

Now, I can have a whole folder of stupid code blocks just because I can.

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Prashanth Krishnamurthy
Prashanth Krishnamurthy
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