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Crazy space utilization in VSCode

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Running out of space? You have VSCode and love tinkering with it? Then do this.

Well the introductory line is cheesy and shows desperation for clicks. So, I had to have them.

And - no, this is not even a secret. VSCode stays sane until it goes insane with storage space. But somehow I did not know my own drive utilization for a long, long time.

Caution: Before you start deleting things.

Take note that **I** did not find any problems doing the below remedial actions. Your mileage may vary and for all you know, deleting your folder may destroy civilization as we know it.

You should see this entire article of 2 lines, delete to recycle bin so that you can recover stuff if things go wrong, and, in general, be a good Internet citizen.

To clean up the storage -

1. Go to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Code\User\workspaceStorage
2. Delete all folders created before last week

See GBs of space recovered within no time. Rejoice.

So, what’s up with this folder?

Appears to be a bug but on nobody’s radar.

The workspace folder fills up pretty fast if you are using C++ extensions. Even otherwise, for a VSCode enthusiast like me who tries multiple extensions, uses more than one language and uses multiple themes - the folder can become overwhelming.

How overwhelming? I had a 128 GB primary partition and ~9 GB of that was taken by the said folder. One week after the clean up - the space utilization for the sub-folder remains at ‘< 20 MB’.

The folder is used as a temporary storage location. Anything you delete should get recreated as you start using the program/extension again.

Bug, what bug?

See -

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