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Build static sites using saber

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Saber is an exciting new static site generator based on Javascript.

I am a big fan of static sites and use more than a few in my projects. But, I still got all excited when I came across Saber

Saber -

  • is a static site generator that uses Node
  • supports front-end templates to be built in Vue (supported out of the box ), React (upcoming support)
  • quite fast
  • has a simple setup
  • supports plugins
  • supports fetching data from API sources as well
  • generates a single page site within no time

Saber’s way of building templates can be quite fast for people with some Vue knowledge. It can also turn out to be a pretty satisfying experience since you can put that reactivity to good use by introducing a component (e.g. a calculator ) on your post page.

I also loved the simplicity of Saber. While compared to many of its peers, it comes in as really simple to setup, understand and customize.

I look forward to building a few sites on Saber.


  1. Hugo: Quite fast, has excellent support for multiple taxonomies. Customization of the site can alienate Javascript developers - one needs to be familiar with Go templates
  2. Gridsome: Another promising project with rich plugins
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