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Blazor for Production Anyone? Preview 7 is Released

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Blazor is a big part of why I am looking forward to .NET 3.0. That’s one of the reasons I try to play around with the individual releases.

Though Release 6 (I think ) caused some pain, the release schedules seem to be good as previews. As I understand - the ASP.NET Core team had been working on ironing out issues and making the application ready. That has come to a larger milestone since Release 7 has been out for a week and it is said to be ready for production.

I created multiple versions of a standard ‘to do’ app through the versions using both client and server-side Blazor - loving the development so far. Though Materialize CSS is a good option, I still do not believe that is not at the same level as Bootstrap within the .NET world. Again, that may be how I see the world and that can be totally wrong.

Documentation was particularly important for a poor .NET developer like myself - that seems to have been improving over at the ASP.NET Core Preview docs site.

I see a few of the older channels publishing videos on Blazor, but .NET does not seem to be as happening a place when it comes to community. Or, I may have been spoilt by choice and the over-enthusiastic Javascript community.

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