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3 Great Programs to Access your Databases

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I worked with Oracle DB for a long time. Later I switched to MySQL, MariaDB, and a tiny bit of MongoDB.

All the SQL databases I worked did not quite boast about exciting developer experiences.

Oracle had SQLPlus, which was foresaken by everyone but a few diehards. Fortunately, we also had SQLDeveloper or Toad (to those who could afford that).

Unfortunately, Oracle was actively used at my work place. MySQL and friends were not.

There had to be a light-weight, fast program to access DB than the all powerful phpMyAdmin could not provide.

Following are my go-to tools to access local/remote databases.

  1. HeidiSQL
    Gets work done for MySQL / MariaDB, Postgre SQL and MSSQL!

  2. DBeaver
    Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, and my grandfather’s databases on Sybase, MS Access, and Teradata.

  3. TeamSQL
    New addition to the toolset that promises to support all databases in this Universe. Electron based - so YMMV.

If you happen to work a lot with SQLite - you should try sqliteman. You have one window to create & manage multiple databases, and perform CRUD operations.

I use the web browser or Atlas whenever I am working on MongoDB, and that’s not a lot.

All great tools, but do remember the adage - “A tool is as good as the user.” :)

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Prashanth Krishnamurthy
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